On the ground consultation regarding a number of policy and practice challenges will be directed engaged with universities who are in need.  Anything from implementation of specific opportunities like prayer spaces and dining hall accommodations to creation of multifaith centers and building up of entire departments will be negotiated and analyzed in the specific setting.  Portfolios of universities will be compared and contrasted for similarity, but consultation will be on a one to one basis and each situation will offer a unique set of solutions.  Institutions seeking consultation and support will be encouraged to send participants to any and all of the above mentioned trainings, so as to prepare individual staff and administration for the complexities of this topic.   

Convergence is also available for specialized educational trainings for staff and administration. This may include preparing housing staff for the sensitivity of religious, secular, and spiritual identities, mental health and counseling staff, student affairs units, and others through half day and full day individualized training as requested.

For more information, contact Cody at j.cody.nielsen@convergenceoncampus.org or 319-759-9688.