Individual Introductory

Higher Education Professional Trainings

Higher education professionals and religious and spiritual life professionals often have too little overlap or communication. This training offers an opportunity for higher education professionals to learn from religious and spiritual life professionals on campus, and how to utilize these professionals as a part of the higher education structure. After completion, higher education professionals will be able to integrate religious life professionals into the diversity work on campus, and will have better skills in articulating the importance of religious, secular, and spiritual diversity work.

Religious Professionals Trainings

Religious professionals often lack familiarity with student development theory and the work of higher education professionals, from both administrative and structural points of view. This training offers religious professionals tangible ways to work with higher education professionals, and take on a significant part in campus life, beyond their current environments. This training also focuses on how religious professionals can articulate their importance back to their institutional bodies.


Advanced Collaboration

Campus Cohort Trainings

This training is designed for teams of campus professionals to come together to create and implement a plan, policy, and practice overhaul. This is a collective learning setting: each campus sends a group of professionals to learn with a cohort from 10-12 other campuses. Focusing on effective organizational theory, this training will allow participants to create short and long-term strategies for their campuses, tell their institutional story, and learn from one another. Professionals will return to their campuses with a specific plan of implementation, increased skills, access to resources and a support network of peers and Convergence professionals.